Our Industry

Export of Industrial Leather Gloves takes place predominantly from the Eastern Part of India.

As a matter of fact, the region accounts for more than 90% of Country’s export of Industrial Leather Gloves, with the eastern fringes of Kolkata - the City of Joy - housing some of the most dynamic and vibrant exporters of the product.

The production of industrial gloves in India is estimated at around 150 million pairs annually and the industry employs a huge number of economically challenged, yet skillful people who constitute the bulk of the industry’s workforce. The Indian Leather Industry has been set a target of achieving a turnover of USD 12 billion by 2024, and experts opine that the Industrial Leather Gloves manufacturing segment (and other safety products) can contribute in a significant way in achieving the target.

At Vinit Gloves, we are not only focused on doing our bit for the achievements of the industry targets but are also well equipped to do so.